Conflict of Nations: WW3

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Conflict of Nations: WW3

Well, what are you waiting for? The world isn't simply going to take over itself. Chaos reigns and the world has come to be a powderkeg simply looking ahead to a madman to light a match. It may as properly be you and it would as nicely be now! Choose your country --or allow the computer do it for you-- and then devise a strategy! The international is at warfare and it's far waiting with a purpose to take control. Grab this writhing mess via the reigns and experience it into submission. Choose your infantry, your armor divisions, your airforce, and maybe even your navy! Upgrade each of these devices even as you map out a strategy to offer resources and control the economy of your burgeoning empire! There is an opportunity in chaos, the opportunity for order. You may be that order. You can be the spark in order to mild the flame on the way to burn down the phobia and chaos of the future.

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